Thursday, December 28, 2006


The fam headed out this morning, so it's back to the grind (or at least a move in that direction) at la casa. It sounds quiet, with SW and the DG still out of town for the holidays and with the newfound quietness, thanks to some reinforced insulation my dad helped with installing. It was a good day in general though... after a latte jump start with my parents at DD, I headed back over to the old neighborhood for some salon time. Nothing big on the agenda for the day, other than to enjoy some true downtime and having as few plans as possible.

I made a spontaneous stop at Secondi to see what I thought... the Fashionista had given it the thumbs up, so thought I'd see for myself. I must say, not too bad. Not bad at all. Although my feet did grace quite a lovely pair of Manolos, I escaped shoe-less. I might have been less successful had those Prada grey wool mary janes been a 7.5 but, alas, they were an 8. That's ok though... this holiday season has been a net 3 in the shoe department.

I've had a beautiful afternoon of season one of Sex and the City, legs sprawled across my bed. I think this is what true vacation time is all about, right? Thumbs up. Tonight I'm off to a show... can anything set in Italy be less than superb? Outlook doubtful.


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