Friday, December 29, 2006

czech me out. think pink. hot pink.

I am sitting here, caffeine free thus far this Friday back in the office... the last of 2006. I don't know how I've made it thus far, but the caffeine free crown will be relinquished in oh say about an hour at lunchtime, less I crash out here and now on my keyboard. Seeing as who knows how old this keyboard is, I think I'll be opting to track me down some caffeine in some form or fashion.

I can't remember the last time I dragged my feet so much getting into the office. I think I came up with at least ten random things to do today before leaving the house. I think my colleagues were surprised to see me stroll in at our actual 9AM start time today. If I'd known we would be opting, after some debate, not to close on Tuesday in honor of the late Gerald Ford, I might have made it 9:30 out of spite. Just kidding. Man, the lack of caffeine today is making me feisty. I've gotta watch what I'm saying here! Anyhow, the work today's been pretty non-existent, which will lend well to meeting up with the girls for a pre-2007 and we're all back in town hurrah happy hour.

Last night, Rio took me to see
The Light in the Piazza at the Kennedy Center. Having only previously seen Shear Madness (love it), I was excited to have the opportunity to see something in one of the main theaters there. The musical was beautiful. I didn't know too much about it going into last night, other than that it took place in Italy (Florence/Rome) and the reviews online had been nothing but glowing. I couldn't help but think as we were sitting there during the performance how funny it is that so many musicals hinge really on people meeting, falling in love, and making some life-altering decision all within a matter of a brief period of days/weeks. I quickly then suspended my grasp of reality, in time to enjoy the rest of the show. They did a great job I though of set design... made me ready to go back to Italy all over again.

Afterwards, Rio and I headed out in search of dinner and I realized one area where DC is just not quite up to snuff with NYC... late night dining. In NYC, want something to eat (I mean a real dinner) at 10:30PM? No problem. Food a'plenty. In DC? Not so much. We were finally successful in the midst of the smoky bar at Gordon Biersch. Not even the smoke wafting in my face could keep this one from enjoying the great pizza there. It might not be touted to be their forte, but mighty fine, I must say. Thumbs up.

But back to Europe, my mind's definitely on traveling. I'm all set. My mom and I are officially off to Prague and Vienna mid-March. I can hardly wait. I've already begun studying my Prague guidebook to begin deciding on what spots we will want to see. Any suggestions on things not to be missed or restaurants that are especially fine, please do send them this way. I'm already planning on taking a lot of photos and I'm looking forward to the change in scenery for some fresh new ideas.

And on an unrelated topic, I got a surprise Christmas present of sorts on Wednesday. I inherited my mom's old hot pink Razr. I feel so girlie 'round about now, but that's ok. I'm owning my pinkness. No shame from this direction. I'm joining the ranks of the
Fashionista and SW. Guess I can no longer state I don't need a camera phone since I have a digital camera... now that I'm toting one around 24/7, right? I must admit, I'm feeling a bit flashy.

And now, I need to feel a bit productive I do believe... Gerald would have wanted it that way.


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