Friday, February 23, 2007

did our christmas tree land in your yard? sorry.

This weather is driving me nuts. Highs in the 50's turns to lows in the teens. What gives? My clear head, I guess... I do not have regular migraines, but last night it was in full force. Ouch. I didn't let it stop me from packing, although it did nix my plans to join in for the Bama State Society.

I was worried I'd be too distracted by Grey's Anatomy last night to do anything productive, but turns out the episode was too random to matter. I understand it's been February sweeps week, but must they really take such a forced approach to try to highten the drama? I'm hoping that post-sweeps my favorite show (the only one I still regularly watch) will return to it's normal, delicious addictive self. Fingers crossed. At least they didn't kill off Meredith. Someone asked "what are they going to do? change the show's name to just 'Anatomy'?". I love that.

The winds last night were insane though -- just reinforcing the fact that our rowhouse, while extremely cute, is absolutley and completely not insulated. Period. I grew up where tornados were sadly a regular occurance. I moved a couple of years ago from hurricane mania. I only ready stayed put for one of the hurricanes (I'll own up to it -- I was known for running from the hurricanes, once having pricelined a ticket and hightailed it to the airport with only the clothes on my back). During none of the above did I hear the crazy winds, tree branches, and random things flying like I did last night. Creepy.


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