Saturday, February 24, 2007

i'm leaving on a jet plane...

Well, I now understand why construction workers are scarfing down Subway sandwiches as I saunter into work at the late hour of 8:30. Might as well be lunchtime to their systems. I can now appreciate. My alarm first went off at 2AM (time to call for the flight change). Second time was 3:15. No better time for a shower, right?

Cab finally showed. Outlook was initially doubtful, since they didn't show for a good 15 minutes. I thought for a moment that the trip was going to be off to a bad start. The city was still sleeping as we passed by the Tidal Basin. The Jefferson Memorial was glowing, with the occasional shadow cast on it's facade by the interspersed surrounding trees. The effect of the statue of Jefferson himself in the midst of the memorial illuminated in the midst of the darkness was quite striking. I don't know that I've ever seen the city like this before. Although, I must admit that I don't know that I've ever been out and about in the city at this time of the morning. Once it warms up, I definitely want to make it a goal to do some early morning photography. The city truly takes on a different spirit when all of the residents rushing from point A to point B are taken out of the equation.

I'm off to Chi-town. No snow storm's gonna hold me back. The Titan's thrilled about such an early AM arrival (kidding), but that's what naps are for. And we're off...


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