Thursday, February 01, 2007

single & in the "red"

This'll be quick... lots going on at work, but these were too amusing not to post here. Sassy sent me a link via email to a US map that shows clusters as to where there is a higher ratio of guys and where there's a higher ratio of gals. Clearly, everywhere I have lived, where I now live, and anywhere I would potentially consider living (not that I'm looking for a move anytime remotely soon) is a red zone. Thought that was noteworthy. I'm not moving to Cali anytime soon. But the Fashionista thought a road trip to Houson might be in order!

To counter that, MH just shared an article all about the fabulous-ness of being single and the perks. Hmmm. Says means I have a better body, will travel more, be less stressed, have more money... hmmmm. Interesting.

On another note, I finally found out what the ruckus was last night. As Sassy and I were walking home last night, we came across so many police cars and there were swarms of helicopters hovering in our general vicinity. Always pleasant to see in your own neighborhood, right? We didn't know the deal and were so cold... thankfully since we were in a team, we didn't feel quite as uncomfortable.

But I did feel uncomfortable as I slept with my neon orange earplugs in. Argh. They should say on the box that they are only mildly soundproof when it comes to hovering helicopters. Anyhow, the scoop on the story is here. Robbery + injured bicyclist + standoff at his home. Interesting. Glad I was able to find the details behind all the commotion.


  • OMG! That's pretty intense. Yes, Houston here we come. We should road trip. Stop in Ohio then make our way to Southern California.

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At February 01, 2007  

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