Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what's the 411?

Last night was a fun and well-needed break in the midst of what promises to be a hectic week at work (it's our crunch time, which is actually shaping up to be far less painful than it's ever been). The Fashionista had the idea of an old school girl's night in, complete with all sorts of nostalgic things from our childhood years. I must admit, it was my first time (hmmmm and, honestly, probably last) watching Clarissa Explains it All. It was fun though to cheese it out and sprawl out with friends on a matress on the floor like you would have done when you were 8. I've been joking that I think it's legal to maintain that carefree mentality at least a few more hours into the morning. Why not?

The Fashionista insisted on prank calling some of her guy friends, who we put on speaker for the entire group to enjoy. I've never been good at stuff like that. I crack way too soon, so I'd have been laughing and unable to speak if put on the spot to have done the calling. It was nice to have some good harmless fun in the midst of the workweek. We unfortunately never made it to playing Girl Talk, but we did get in some quality time with the magic 8 ball (classic). It's true you never appreciate things, such as the simplicity of life when your age is in single digits, until it's gone.

I brought a bag with me to work so that I could properly dress for a faux sleep over, which meant on the way out that I would be traipsing in my fashionable bright blue snowflake fleece PJ bottoms up to Dupont Circle, until a cab arrived to sweep me away to the Hill. It was pretty nice I must say to be able to literally just roll into bed once I got home. Very nice.

I will say, it was mighty hard to pull myself to sleep last night, post-massive sugar intake. Good grief. Coming off of potential food poisoning, perhaps it wasn't the smartest decision to ingest mass quantities of sugar. Oh well ;-)


  • Tehe, yeah I was totally up until 1am. Now I get why we parents ban you from sugar late at night. I guess with age comes perspective (even regarding Raisenettes and chocolate milk). Thanks for coming! I'm feeling about 12 today too.

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At January 17, 2007  

  • wow ... girl talk. i totally remember that game, and the giggly commercials that would always air about it during cartoons like "my little pony"

    By Blogger mini, At January 19, 2007  

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