Friday, January 12, 2007

let the long weekend-ing begin

5:30 cannot come fast enough. I'm most definitely looking forward to the long weekend that is so close now I can smell it. I think I've been distracted since yesterday, when I finally purchased my tickets for my upcoming trip to Europe. So it was originally slated as Prague and Vienna... and we ended up throwing Budapest into the mix. Turns out my second cousin and her family are over there as missionaries, so we figured we'd might as well visit them while we're over there. I'm so ready for a change of scenery... although, I think it won't be until the end of February when I head to Chicago (brrrrr!) that I'll actually get to get one.

Fashionista and I are off to a series of Friday evening events... happy hour, then the JLW evening out, followed by a party for a friend of Van's. The final party is supposedly in honor of a guy who knows a ton of people in the city, so I'm curious to check that one out. He's supposed to be like the DC version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

All I have to say is if we talk to any guys this evening, I'm hoping they're not like the rico suave who sent me a message on MySpace this morning. Although, I will give him props for starting off my morning with a bit of amusement. The message simply said "such a beauty. holla at the PRINCE".

Prince? I'm still looking. Frogs a' plenty? Those I can find.

Ahhhh, the true way to my heart. Here's to hoping for a step up from that and to a good kick-off to what promises to be an eventful, as always, weekend.


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