Tuesday, January 09, 2007

orange + blue = #1

I'm not a sports blogger. Not by far. I know this. So I'm not going to sit here and try to run any commentary play-by-play 'cause, yeah, that's so not my thing. I will say what a game. I really wanted to join in with the alum groups to watch in one of the viewing locations either in Columbia or Alexandria, but on a Monday night and so far away ... yeah ... not happening. I was thankful when the Cajun called with a more local alternative within District lines. Perfect.

Donning my helllooooooo obnoxious orange sweatshirt, I met up with the Cajun shortly before game time to head over. We ended up at an Irish bar, which ended up being quite fun. The bar was really spirited and it was kind of fun that both sides were represented amongst the crowd. Kept it interesting. I'd taken a lot of heat from various people throughout the day knocking the underdog Gators, but wasn't letting that get me down. I must admit the first play where the Buckeyes ran clear down the field made me think there was a long night ahead. Of course, there was... but of a different sort, thankfully ;-)

Our server added to the fun Irish feel, sporting a thick Irish brogue -- so thick that you couldn't understand him so much at times, but we seemed to make do just the same. HS would say he was 100% ok in her books, as he was willing to brew her a fresh batch of coffee so close to closing time. The Cajun would probably prefer to thank Mr. Bailey's... anyhow, much thanks to the crew for riding out the majority of the game with me. I caught the last couple of minutes of the game at home downstairs, trying to keep from waking up my roommates. I sat on the couch and ate a couple of the buckeye balls SW brought back from the holidays. It somehow seemed fitting.

So here I am with my trusty cup of joe, ending my almost two week streak of coffee-free-ness (thanks Starbucks... thanks a latte). Not even the banging radiators were enough to get me going, but this cup right here - it just might.



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