Sunday, December 31, 2006

the inevitable resolutions

This morning I went with SW, the Cajun, the Chef, and our new found Oklahoma friend for the visitation for Ford at the Capitol. So many stories... all of the above with the exception of myself and Sassy had made it an all-nighter, having continued on to several additional stops, bribing the cook at one locale to cook them breakfast beyond the time the kitchen was open. They arrived onto the Mall at 5AM and were interviewed by several local news stations. There are lots of stories here, but I'll save those for another day... partly because I don't want to incriminate anyone and in part because I'm too tired to type them all out at the moment. Lazy, yes I know.

Sassy and I got up a bit before 6 and were down on the mall 7/11 goodies in tow closer to 7. We were up with the rest of the crew, who were at the very head of the line. The upside of being down on the Mall at such a ridiculously painful hour on New Year's Eve was getting to see the sun rise over the Capitol, something I will likely not experience again. It was absolutely beautiful.
I decided I did want to pay my respects. Being in DC, you can't help finding some sort of connection to all things political -- even the politically ignorant, such as yours truly. I do find something fascinating about the way Ford did come into power. Very unique and in a role where so many seem to take advantage of the power that comes with the position, everything I've ever seen of him during his presidency portrays him as a humble man. I'm glad I changed my mind.

Subsequently, I've been napping on and off throughout the day trying to regain steam for tonight. As I ponder the list for this upcoming year, just for fun, I thought I'd take a peek at my New Year's resolutions for last year (the public ones, of course). Hmmm. How did I do? I know it's thought you make 'em to break 'em, but gee... looks like I was 1/4? Thank goodness there's no report card to fear on that status report. Ouch.

This year, I'm aiming for much better luck there... so what's on the horizon for the year ahead? Again, I'm not aiming for the unattainable. So here goes:

  • Finally make that trip to California included in last year's list... I'm hoping to make the second, and not third, try here the charm! SS, my sorority little sis, mentioned making it a goal for us to meet up... and that's a resolution I support. You're right... it was 2001 when we last saw each other. Waaaaay too long.

  • Hit up my next international spots... Prague and Vienna. And no, it's not cheating if you've got plans for the trip already.

  • Tackle my parallel parking phobia. Someday I know I too can park in those random teeny spaces. This might have to be a late '07 goal...

  • Finally pull out my flute. Sorry roomies -- hope you don't mind the serenade.

  • Dust off those skates and hit the rink with Ms. JF, among others.

  • Find a way to get back into practicing my Spanish. Si tu quieres practicar o conversar conmigo, dime. Gracias ;)

Off to get ready for tonight's festivities. DC's cabs aren't feeling the love for Sassy and I, so we're just hoping to be able to schlep our way over to our initial destination.

Anyhow, hope you all have a happy and safe beginning to 2007. Cheers!


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