Saturday, December 30, 2006

it's almost a wrap - the year in review

My early night in became not so early... but at least it's technically still today (AKA Saturday), so not too shabby. SW and I cut off this evening early in preparation for tomorrow and also in light of our spontaneous decision to join the masses tomorrow early in the AM to pay our respects to Ford. 6AM voluntarily on New Year's Eve... is that right? I just don't know. But I'll be there... shivering... coffee (oh yes) in hand.

So wow, we're on the cusp of 2007. Where did 2006 go? It really was a blur... I was sitting here thinking, what all happened throughout the year? Do you ever sit and try to remember the lines of where one year began and the other left? You realize that lots of things have changed... people have moved in and out of your life. You've faced challenges... had lots of accomplishments... and done lots of great things... but sometimes, can't just pin-point what happened in a certain span of time. What did 2006 bring?

Early in '06, I learned I can again do the job of two people, and somehow survive (and yes, somehow with a social life still in shape - who knew?)

I continued to expand my concert experiences... including Billy Joel in March (second time), the Allman Brothers in June and the Dixie Chicks (also second time) in August.

In May/June, I knocked another international country off of my must-visit list, Italy. Upon returning, I wanted to hop right back on the plane again ASAP. Thankfully, March 2007 will bring more of Europe to my life.

In July/August, I learned it is possible to meet guys at a bar. Who knew? I thought it was just a rumor everyone thought it would be funny to reinforce. And even as I've since joined the ranks of fully single in the city, nice to know it can be done. I also finished up my
professional photography program, something which I hope to explore more in '07.

In September, I learned there is life beyond Dupont as I made the move to the Hill. Several months later, I'm still alive - and smiling! I also learned I'm capable of going from roommateless to roommated (if that's a word -- if not, I like it, and don't honestly care too much).

In October, I learned I can still pull off short hair, as I cut off oh gee some 6-7 inches from my hair. I left my place of work donning a Pebbles costume, complete with fishnets, crazy false eyelashes, and a pink wig. That was mighty liberating. I also rejoined the ranks of the crazies on the road, although I'm still a proud commuter - refusing to pay the insane parking fees at work. The 1.4 mile round-trip walk's continued to be a breath of fresh air in the morning.

In November, I learned life doesn't halt when your childhood home is no longer in the family. Yes, it moves on. I also saw the circular pattern of life continue in November and on into December. Life's funny... when you think you've parted ways with people, it's funny to see how sometimes they come back -- and usually when you least expect it.

And in December... here I sit. Another year gone by... new faces, and others have since gone on to other things and places. What does 2007 have in store?


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