Monday, January 08, 2007

perhaps i don't do low-key

Well for the most part, I think I was at least quasi-successful with maintaining my intention of a low-key weekend. Successful enough to not be sick as a dog come Monday - and that, that I'll take. Friday night I decided just to stay in and decompress and put my Netflix subscription to full use.

Saturday the consensus was we needed out. On the town. Somewhere. Somehow. The Fashionista had a friend who was celebrating their birthday in pretty elaborate fashion, with a full day's menu of activities. The evening was to cap off at a club not too far from Chinatown, so our plan was to join up for the finale of the day. We never quite ended up making it so far... we met up at Clyde's, with the intention of just hanging out a bit in advance of heading over. The bar wasn't too full when we arrived and it was interesting to watch the crowd around us grow from practically non-existent to thick as pea soup.

We ended up right at the front watching the Seahawks/Cowboys match-up. I tell you, DC residents do not have any love for the Cowboys. We had some guys come up and start talking to us, who had just left out of the Caps game. The bar soon was overrun by others exiting the same game, shortly combined with those exiting Mayor Fenty's Inaugural Ball. We finally decided we had to get out of the midst of the masses, and headed to the upstairs bar. The guys followed suit and continued to buy us drinks.

To stir things up a bit, the Fashionista and I decided to wander over and talk to a cluster of pretty cute guys, who were strategically located in front of the elevator at Clyde's. Random locale only warranting what would turn out to be equally random conversation. It was fun though just to walk up to a total group of guys and strike up a conversation, even if they turned out to be somewhat conversationally challenged (as well as quite challenged in the age department).

Sunday was Alabama Day at my church, so of course I went to represent my fine state. The Fashionista joined me, which was great. I really do love my church... and the Pastor Jim always gives me something meaty to ponder. This time it was about how things speak to you... something little, but the ways in which you sense the presence of God. And Luna surely didn't disappoint on brunch.

Last night, Dr.P had myself and LH over for dinner at her new place. Welcome, officially, to the Hill Dr.P! Her place was an absolutely beautiful 3-floor rowhouse with all of the fun and unique peculiarities of overall lay-out I've come to love in the older homes in the area. Dr. P always pulls together quite an impressive spread of a home cooked meal, and last night was certainly no exception. Superb. It was perfect to be all cozy on a down sofa, wine in hand, catching up with the ladies.

LH and I talked more en route back to my house. We agreed. It's a fine line. You want your friends to know what's going on in your life, but so many times I think it just confuses things more and you end up with an assortment of opinions in front of you that might ultimately make finding clarity more of a challenge. One of my goals in the new year is seemingly contradictory... one, to have a select group of friends to be totally honest with -- that I can be uncensored. And, two, is to learn when to stop talking. When enough's enough. When the details should be contained. Finding that balance, now that is ideal... and will be a bit of a challenge, but I'm on my way. LH gets where I am on this issue though, and I'm glad to have ended the evening on that note.

Tonight's the big championship game. I'm pretty pumped. I love me some SEC football. I have my Gators sweatshirt in tow today, ready to head out as soon as the clock announces the go-ahead. The Cajun's stirred up a couple of options for this evening, so it'll be a two-stopper. Should promise to be fun, even if the boys don't ultimately pull out the win. I realize they're the underdog, so we'll see. KM is there rooting I'm sure decked out head to toe in support of the opposition, so we'll see how things end up landing!


  • Just curious...what church do you go to in DC? I tried a few while I still lived down there but never really settled on a church home. That's great that you have a place that you love :)

    By Blogger Alejandra, At January 10, 2007  

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