Friday, January 05, 2007

these boots are made for walking

I am just now getting into the office. What a morning. It started off dreary and icky enough... rain on a Friday should be illegal. Seriously. Today I knew that I had to make the hike over to the DMV - and rain and getting sick... all that nonsense couldn't stand in the way. The redeeming thing was timing happened to fall into line such that the DG was headed out at the same time. Perfect. Considering a walk from the metro to the DMV was required anyhow, I was relieved to find that I could save a little energy there.

There I was, standing at the elevator to get into the metro at the Smithsonian station, when I changed songs on my iPod and reached for my wallet. Um wait. Wallet. Nice. Not there... wallet equates to both money and SmarTrip... both of which were not to be found. Ouch.

I took the elevator back up to street level as I rummaged frantically through my purse. Yep. No wallet, no cash... no metro ride. What's a girl to do? So, I started walking... I've done the walk from the top of the Mall to our place, but here I was all the way up the mall. What a long walk -- and, I must say, a walk MUCH better done in running shoes than my loafers.

The rain went in waves as I made the walk. Just for the heck of it, I just checked... 2.4 miles. I thought I needed some more exercise in my life. Guess I got it today, huh? Along the way I did encounter a really nice Capitol police man (who didn't grump at me for walking along the closed sidewalk - oooops) and I did get a nice addition to the scenery of the Capitol, as some of the Marines were out for their morning runs and exercise. Niiiiice.

I picked up my wallet and then began the mile walk to the metro. From the metro, it was another mile to get to the DMV. As I was walking along, I realized that there is somehow a hole that developed in my umbrella -- as I occasionally felt a drip on the top of my head which would proceed to make it's way down to the tip of my nose. I think CVS truly carries some busted umbrellas. I think this one made it almost a month. The saving grace was the DMV, who graciously does let you opt to keep your prior photo. The last thing I wanted was proof of my soggy appearance. I'll pass.

I'm actually excited to be back in the office. Newfound appreciation for my wacky, triangular office. It's looking mighty dry about now... and I'm loving my chair here, after the unexpected 4.4 mile walk.


  • I think CVS truly carries some busted umbrellas.

    I know! I just got the one I'm using now a couple of months ago from them and the wrist strap at the end fell off. Cheap!

    Glad you found your wallet. For a moment I was thinking someone had stolen it!

    By Blogger Golden Silence, At January 05, 2007  

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