Friday, January 05, 2007

... and that's just what they'll do!

One of my friends posted a comment on MySpace...
"Wow! That is brutal. Hope you've found some hot tea, good music, and heat."

To which I responded:

  • Hot tea? Check. Got it before leaving Georgetown...
  • Good music? Check. iPod on rotation as usual.
  • Heat? Hmmm not as much as I'd like... shoes are so damp they are still brown shoes masquerading as black.

The highlight though was we just had a department lunch at work. Our department head misunderstood something I said. Basically I said that due to all the crazy warm weather, I couldn't believe it was January. He just caught that I couldn't believe it was January, to which he replied, "hello, Christmas came and went!". Not meant smugly, but very sarcastic. He proceeded to tell me he saw I was sporting a new 'do (referring to my poodle-esque hairdo I am now donning). Ouch. Hit a nerve much? Needless to say he felt badly when I told him "hey, it hasn't been a very easy day for me, ok?" and shared my sad tale of woe. I just have to laugh about the whole thing... I know I must have looked pretty darn pathetic! Anyhow, it was nice to have a laugh with the department about the whole fiasco AKA Friday morning.


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