Thursday, January 11, 2007

my interview prep-course - any takers?

Last night was a blast. Definitely none of that mid-week blah stuff going on here. It was just another day at work. Things (thankfully) seem to be calming down a tad, which means it's much easier to leave at that crazy time, AKA normal quitting time, and enjoy life a bit. So that's exactly what I did yesterday.

Yesterday was truly about everyone coming to DC... NM is here for a conference for work, JW (henceforth Titan, and he knows why - hah), and a group of my SFL friends were all in DC! I knew in advance for all except for the SFL group who, funny enough, called me as they were entering the metro to say "hey, we're in your city on our way to NY!". Unfortunately, they were the only ones I wasn't able to squish into my Wednesday evening adventures. Perhaps they'll swing back by this way en route back to the Sunshine State.

NM and I met up for dinner in Chinatown. I can't remember the last time I saw NM... I want to say about a year and a half ago? Anyhow, it's been a while. She's on the rotating holiday schedule now that she's got the in-law factor, and our holiday schedules don't seem to be in sync these days. Our poor server at the restaurant was so sweet... don't know if she would have been so kind upfront if she knew she'd not be turning over that table for a good two and half hours. It was great to catch up. There's some people you don't see for a while where you can feel the effect of time - and there's others where you can just pick up. I love that we can just run with it and talk like old times. Very nice.

NM had an early start this AM, so she headed back to her hotel once I heard from the Titan. He was only in town last night for an interview today. Last time he was in town (also pre-interview), we met up for
dinner and I invited him to join in on a holiday party thrown by the DG's friend. His interview was at 8AM so he said he was up for the party, but not too late. When we got there, he wouldn't check his coat... again, just making a brief stop. Not staying long.

I'd neglected to mention that (unfortunately for myself - ick) a given part of this guy's parties are cigars. Blech. Oh well. Seemed tolerable until the Titan mentioned he was wearing the same suit for the interview the following day. Oooops. Eau de cigar. Not so good. So a drink at the open bar turned into just growing roots and being amused by the mix of people and the not so hot live music (although, props to anyone who can pay for live music of any sort on their own). The party started winding down around 11:30, and we ended up drifting over to
Hay Adams - with an evening ending much closer to 1:15AM than the original short evening as planned.

I felt a little bit guilty as I struggled to get out of bed the next morning. I might have to drag myself to the metro and into work, but I definitely didn't have to sit in front of the firing squad for an interview at 8AM. It was around noon-ish that the Titan surfaced. I thought great, the blame's about to fall. If I'd heard it though, I would have come back with some sort of quip. That's just the way it works with us. It's expected. Instead, I was given kudos for my interview prep skills. I guess somehow in the midst of the evening's chaos, the underlying HR-savvy must have come through, since he got the job offer the same day. Anyhow, the point of the story is that the joke became that I clearly needed to be the responsible party for proper interview prep in the future.

So anyhow, when he learned he was coming to DC for a second interview (an interview which, ehem, yours truly helped him to secure) he of course asked for my well-regarded assistance. No crazy throw-downs last night, but we did head over to
Capital City Brewing Company, where we spent quite a few hours catching up, harrassing the bar tender, and enjoying those crazy Cap City pretzels alongside some smuggled baked goods courtesy of the Marriott. Awesome. The Titan was especially amused when I tried (unsuccessfully) to order a glass of Fat Bastard Chardonnay without breaking a smile. Instead, I giggled my way through the whole order. You would think it would be then that I got carded right? But no... it was long before. It was pretty funny.

We were just sitting there sharing quite a few random stories when who should stroll over but the Realtor. It was just too funny. I've been on a roll lately of learning just how small of a city DC can really be. I introduced the two and the Realtor chatted a bit about what he'd been up to before heading back to the bar. Ah the Realtor. That's a funny story, but this one's been long enough without adding that background. Sometimes you just have to smile.

We made our way to the door 12:30ish as last call had long since been made and we noticed there were maybe two other couples in the bar remaining. I'll catch the debrief later today to see if my prep was as successful this time around but should be a shoo-in. Isn't third time supposed to be the charm? Oh and I thought it was so fitting that as I slid into the cab, Sweet Home Alabama came on the radio!

Where the skies are so bluuuuuue...


  • Fun times, fun times. I liked the realtor. Seemed to be a real good guy.

    Well, as always, I enjoyed the prep. Results come out on Monday. Stayed tuned.

    "Singing songs about the southland
    I miss alabamy once again"

    By Anonymous The Titan, At January 11, 2007  

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