Sunday, January 14, 2007

what if the devil's shoes are choos?

I haven't left my house all day, and won't be. At least I'm sitting up now. I thought at first it might be that stomach bug that's going around, but I think it must just be food poisoning or something along those lines. It seems bar-b-que and I are just not friends. It led me to the hospital back in college and I'd only recently begun to eat it. Ban back on. I don't know that I can hold the same ban to chocolate (also one of last nights culprits). That would be just criminal. I re-watched The Devil Wears Prada and finished off season one of Scrubs.

I'm glad I made the most of my Friday and Saturday since I've been stuck in bed. Friday was a lot more than I'd expected. The
Fashionista and I hit Georgetown after work. We were pleasantly surprised by Mr. Smith's. Who knew? I'd always wanted to check out the spot anyhow since that's where Tori Amos got her start, and you know how Tori obsessed I am. It had a really cute courtyard area, which definitely wasn't to be expected from it's rougher façade.

We then hit up
Blue Gin, which took a little effort for us to find - even with address in hand. Somewhere like Blues Alley sure, you'd expect to be down an alleyway. Blue Gin? Not so much. Ironically we found it by asking someone passing by on the street. He quickly replied he was new in town (so wouldn't know) but as soon as we mentioned Blue Gin, he knew exactly where it was. It was pretty funny. So warning to the ladies, the upstairs bar has a glass floor. If wearing a skirt, beware. It started to feel a bit like a big pick-up scene, so we opted to head on to our next option - a birthday party at Local 16.

It was after 11 when we arrived to Local 16, so it was packed. We ended up on the roof, where I was really missing the wonderful tent from New Year's. Why oh why could they not just keep the darn thing up? There were some interesting people out though. I met one guy who was an attorney with the Humane Society. While there, the Fashionista's friend the Giant met up with us, along with his friend. Having started the evening at 6, I was pretty maxed out and ready to head home, but somehow ended up heading back to the Giant's with the group. VB, I should have slid out when you did!

At 3ish, I decided it was time to head out when my cellphone was swiped from me and one of the guys decided it would be funny to skim through my last dialed calls list and call one of the guys listed there. I'd like to think I can take a joke... I can throw the quips back and forth without taking what's said to heart. However, calling up someone I used to date and leaving him a message telling him he was a fool might be a bit beyond the line -- even for 3AM. I know he didn't mean any harm, but I was a little bit frustrated with how the whole thing went down and decided it was time for sure to cab it home. Never a dull moment, although sometimes you'd like to look back and delete out a bit of the drama.

Thankfully, Saturday was already scheduled to be low-key. Having gone to bed at 4AM, I wasn't exactly rushing the clock to rise and shine. I ran out to do some errands and then headed over to LH's place for girl's night in. It was really nice to balance out Friday with staying in on Saturday. We watched a couple of movies I'd never seen, including Singles. I especially appreciated that one! I love Cameron Crowe. His movies seem to have so much heart behind them.

Now I'm watching The Break-Up and on the diet of champions, saltines and Sprite. Mmmmm. Good stuff. Could I feel like a bigger bum?

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  • I feel your pain about losing control of your cell phone. One time a group of guys took mine, ostensibly to charge the battery, and started dialing random numbers. They called my recent ex, who was in the hospital after a skiing accident. They told him I wanted to get back together. My ex was loopy on painkillers and was deluded enough to believe it. He was crushed when I had to shoot him down again. (But, looking back, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.)

    By Blogger Pagan Marbury, At January 14, 2007  

  • Oh wow -- that's horrible. Yeah, I think ones cellphone a pretty personal thing people should respect more than to go randomly dialing through... I think your situation is definitely worse, although sounds like it worked out ok in the end. Maybe I should start locking my phone!

    By Blogger LJ, At January 15, 2007  

  • Sorry again! On the plus, just imagine if the reverse happened to you and some chick called your phone at 3am saying you're pathetic for having dumped such a hot dude... Just looking on the brighter side.

    And, yes, I think from now on if we start drinking at 6pm, we should make ourselves come home by midnight!

    Oh... love the nickname! Thanks=)

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At January 16, 2007  

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