Friday, January 19, 2007

never was a cornflake girl

It's such a Friday... I think the power switch on my work productivity has officially flipped to off, although I'm going to hang around here a bit more to work on some things that keep getting pushed aside. We have a department "snack" once a month around 3:30 on Friday, and it seems on those Friday's it's even harder to focus.

I have a good friend of mine coming into town tonight, which I'm looking forward to. JP's coming in from Orlando for some training for
SOAR and tacked on some additional time to enjoy the fine sites and such of DC. Our agenda of activities may be slightly altered though with the 20 degree weather perhaps looming on the distance. The weather's been decent enough to walk to and from the office, etc. but down on the Mall, it can be downright brutal.

I love the story of how I met my friends JP and JC since it's definitely non-traditional. This is a great story, by the way, to lay the groundwork for what will likely become more present in my writing shortly. Most people who know me know I am a Tori Amos fanatic. I love to see concerts in general, but Tori Amos is the one artist I will go to the extreme for. At last count, I had some 60 CDs. I've only been to 10 concerts thus far, but that should be changing again this year.

My first Tori Amos concert was in Melbourne, Florida. I went to the concert by myself. No one I knew at the time was really into Tori. The concert was some three and a half hours away. Besides, I wanted to not only go to the concert but I wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn and haul myself out of bed to get there to stand in line with the masses in hopes of getting to meet Tori.

Yes, I am one of those people.

It was probably around 11:30 when I arrived, Chick-fil-a in hand (fast food of champions). Tori Amos fans are a unique crew. Some refer to them as Toriphiles. Some as
EWF (Ears With Feet). There was a mish-mash of different people already congregated on the grassy spot suspected to be where the barracades would later follow. When does she arrive, you might ask? It depends. Could be 3. Could be 4:45. In the meantime, if you want a shot - you wait. Some others were there alone and others were in groups. It's always fun to recap with friends after going to a show... never a lack of stories or interesting characters.

That show I met one guy who had been on the crew for Bruce Springsteen. That guy kept calling me Jessica Simpson. I already stood out in the midst of the crowd as it was, so setting me apart as the lone bubble gum-esque one in the crowd was much appreciated. So much that I still remember. Another lady is a tattoo artist who brings her supplies to all the shows, just in case you want a tattoo in the parking lot while you're waiting. Later the group of tour regulars who go to every show would arrive.

So, let's summarize. In the grander scheme of things, I am a "normal" Tori Amos fan. People don't get that, but I swear. I am! I do not have a second job to support my ticket buying needs. I do not live out of a suitcase for the entire stint of the tour. I've never taken out loans to purchase tickets. I will admit to having hurdled chairs on countless occasions to rush the stage, but that's normal. It's just where you're supposed to be for encores!

Anyhow, eventually the crew arrives and begins to construct some sort of make-shift barracade to keep us crazies under control. As luck would have it, for this concert this included being shoved up against a metal fence. In the hot Florida weather, this started to get a bit uncomfortable. But we were committed to the cause. And we stood this way for a good two hours. Niiiiiice. And who happened to be smashed against the fence with me? Ms JP, of course. We patiently waited, hoping that the heat and waiting wasn't all in vain. We weren't close enough to get a photo with her (although I did get a ton of her), but we were both able to pass up things for Tori to sign. Pretty sweet (just to note, I have gotten two pictures since as well as a couple of autographs... not to mention great tans from all those hours in the sun haha). We exchanged information and then everyone sort of dispersed for a while before the concert.

I actually ended up going to eat with a group of Toriphiles at Chili's. When I sat down at the concert, who should be sitting in the same row with me but JP as well as her friend JC. It was so random that we were seated that way. And we've stayed friends ever since.

There's supposed to be a new album coming out this summer so undoubtedly there will be a tour to follow in the summer/spring. I'll have adventures to tell of as that will all but ensure I'll have a trip to South Florida as well as be putting the Fit to use to any concert offerings in reasonable driving distance to the DC metro area.

In the interim, I'm glad that JP's headed up. The weekend ahead promises to be a fun one, even if sans-Tori show.

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  • Yay! Have a good weekend. If ya'll decide you want to go out tomorrow night, definitely give a call. Otherwise, hh next week is a MUST!

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At January 19, 2007  

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