Monday, January 22, 2007

at long last, the decent of winter on dc

So the first snow of the year finally arrived. It wasn't super eventful. JP was very excited that the snow chose to come while she was in town. She'd seen snow on the ground, but never the actual snow falling. Yesterday was to have included a visit to the Phillips Collection, but the snow led us to make other plans. JP wasn't up to doing anything that entailed walking outside in the cold, so we went with plan B -- brunch and bumming around inside Union Station. I ran JP over to her hotel and came back and parked before the snow kicked in too much. Call me a wimp, but post-wreck, I was not up for gambling on the snow. I must say I did feel like less of a wimp though after seeing on the DCist that there were 200 accidents as a result of the weather. Thankfully I didn't make 201.

It was nice to have an excuse for a wild and crazy night in, filled with laundry, chicken noodle soup, and wrapping up (finally) one of the many
books I started throughout the course of last year and never finished.

I'm usually super organized and today, I'm feeling a bit disheveled. I spent the tail end of last night scrounging through my room for my passport. One of those minor details pre-international trip. It seems to have not made the move with me to the Hill. I never misplace documents like this. And then this morning, I realized the placement I signed up for JLW that I was so excited to have been selected for has the big event we plan while I will be in Europe. There both events were in front of me on my Google calendar. I'm hoping the disorganization bug is out of my system now. Can't... deal... with... disorganization!

But back to the snow... it was beautiful to see our house covered with a light dusting of snow. Much thanks to TMcK for shoveling off our walk last night. It made this morning much more pleasant (and made it much less likely that the morning would begin rump to ground!).


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