Sunday, July 29, 2007

a patchwork quilt

Today as we had brunch, as excited as I am about my new place, I will admit I started to realize just how bittersweet the moment was. I'm really going to miss my roommates.

I've really enjoyed having people around me in so many ways. Granted, I'm still not Suzy Sunshine in the morning. I'm perfectly content to arrive at work without having uttered a single syllable (and no, emphatically mouthing lyrics to my blasting iPod do not count as syllables in my book).

However, I've loved the post-weekend catch-up sessions. Few group dinners. Elaborate desserts, including homemade truffles whipped up at the hands of the DG. Funny stories I won't elaborate on here, but let's say thought-to-have been intruders, narrowly avoided calls to the police, and learning the white noise functionality of a rattly window A/C.

And can't forget the fun theme parties... too many to count, as is the case with the photos of the same.

I feel blessed though. Life's all about connections. The people, places, and events that lead you on to a whole new sea of faces and experiences. Sassy was one of those first DC connections, who led me on to meet the DG. And while our year at our "haunted" row house has had its ups and downs, oh my - have we had a time.

Life's a funny thing. Sometimes we understand what's come our way and sometimes we don't. And sometimes it's only months, even years later that we get why we went through something. What it added to who we are. Who we're meant to be.

And sometimes we get so wrapped up on people and how we thought things were supposed to be a certain way in our relationships. Likewise when that person presents themself on that street corner, as they many times do, you realize how unsuited you were from square one and how much better things have been since you went that other path. And that does not necessarily mean that person is a bad person or that you couldn't be friends... but yeah, you *get* it. It's always such a big bridge to cross to realize we surprisingly don't always know what's in our best interest, no matter how much we typically believe we do.

So when someone from my past came up to me earlier, it was good to see them but simultaneously refreshing to see I'm happy with where I am. Where I want to be - no questions. More than happy. Like I said, we don't always get it. More often than not, we question.

But there's just that occasional window, if only a sliver, of contentment. Where it all just gels. And that's why now, flip flops kicked out in the metro, there's a smile on my face.

Cause life is good. Oh yes, it's all good.

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  • Yep. Nice post. As my dad would say, "okay, now on to the next chapter. Show me what you've learned."

    By Blogger GreenEggsSamDC, At August 01, 2007  

  • That's deep, LJ.

    By Anonymous drp, At August 02, 2007  

  • Sam - thanks. I think the challenging part is maintaining, right? It's easy to have temporary spurts where your inspired and then when something puts a dent in that, you're back down again. Here's to keeping it where it is -- or better yet, upward from there.

    DrP - thanks... the metro's great for contemplation sometimes. It's one of my favorite places to blog!

    By Blogger LJ, At August 02, 2007  

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