Monday, August 06, 2007

officially va-bulous

It's been one long day. Scratch that... one long weekend. The move started rolling on Thursday, and hasn't really stopped since then. However, it's pretty much come to a screetching halt for the time being. Today during my last run to the car, my ankle flipped ... sending me crashing to the floor and my clothes flying all over our front porch. I couldn't stand, so I crawled into our den area where I almost passed out. Nice.

Rio came and helped me get to the emergency room - an adventure which ended up encompassing some four hours. The Fashionista was telling me that apparently it runs a bit slower since GW is a teaching hospital. Hmmmm, good to know.

Interesting things to note based on the experience and/or comments...

The lady who took my vitals told me my foot looked "deformed". Now I'm sure that is the kind of classy comment they teach you to use first when dealing with people. Lucky for her I kind of agreed...

A fellow patient noted that she always takes a snack to the emergency room. Smart girl. We arrived around noon and it was about 3:15 when we left. And no, I did not appreciate the staff members discussing their impending purchases at Potbelly. Drool. Very cruel.

One fellow patient noted to Rio that at least I would only have to walk around the corner to make it to/from classes. Why does everyone think I'm oh say 19?

The patient next to me was pushing the doctor to give them anti-depressants. When they said no, he pushed saying that he couldn't sleep without them. Lots of back and forth. I felt totally up in his business. But with my foot throbbing, appreciated the distraction.

I noted to Rio that I wished I had repainted my toenails, which I had already noticed the other day were chipping. I believe I will be attempting to remedy that tomorrow. Can't deal.

The x-ray technician told me I was the "exception to the rule". When I asked why, he told me that I was the first x-ray he'd done on feet that day which wasn't caused by being drunk. I said, "thanks?".

Oh and verdict was it's a fracture... not quite a break. So I guess I can no longer pop off saying I've sprained my ankle countless times but never broken. Argh. Upside is that I no longer live in a house with a long neverending staircase. I always say I have no arm strength. That's about to get remedied. Downside is I can't drive (it's the right foot). My new building has a bit of a hill to get to the metro, so haven't quite figured out that one yet. And my high school reunion is coming up, so those fabulous heels I bought might be a no-go and instead, crutches be my newest oh so fab accessory. But perhaps the orthopedist will have better news for me.

Mucho kudos to Rio and the Fashionista for all their help today... especially Rio for spending basically the whole day helping. Sometimes I have a hard time asking for help when I need it. I've learned during this move though and in today's ordeal just what great friends I have. I'm truly blessed.

More on the weekend in general later... but for now, totally konking out from the Percoset.



  • Welcome to my state. There may be hope for you yet :)

    By Blogger I-66, At August 06, 2007  

  • Haha love it so far, even on one foot! I need to go back through your posts about all the fabulous chicken places in the va... mmmm, good stuff. Of course, no rush since can't drive for the moment -- but eventually!

    By Blogger LJ, At August 06, 2007  

  • This wouldn't have happened in DC ;)

    Hope you feel better. Percocet helps!

    By Blogger HomeImprovementNinja, At August 06, 2007  

  • Well, PS it happened in DC!!

    The percocet is really helping, although I'm hoping to not take it after today. Not a fan of the heavy duty stuff.

    But today, I've got my foot propped up and planning on watching some high quality chick-flicks. That and wait for Peapod to bring me groceries =)

    By Blogger LJ, At August 06, 2007  

  • Awww. I hope you feel better soon. And while your toes may need a touch-up, they certainly don't look like they need it in your picture! Feel better soon!

    By Anonymous Susan, At August 07, 2007  

  • Thanks! And thanks for the compliment on the toes ... haha. Touch-up? Done. Check. Off to the doc tomorrow early in the morning. Fun times.

    By Blogger LJ, At August 07, 2007  

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