Tuesday, February 27, 2007

metra, baby.

I wonder how old I will be before I stop fighting off a cringe when someone totally guesses down on my age. Perhaps I'll be that friend of yours who is seemingly eternally carded. Want to feel more youthful? Bring me along for the evening. It's almost guaranteed then you'll be carded by association, if for nothing else.

I'm on the Metra at the moment, headed into downtown Chicago. I can imagine the sight of me dragging two big (ok, big "ish") suitcases down Main Street in mad pursuit of the 11:02 am train I didn't really give myself enough time to make was amusing. There was a kind gentleman who (1) reaffirmed no, I had in fact not missed my train and (2) offered to carry one of my two big "ish" suitcases up to the platform.

I didn't think I'd be able to get my suitcase on the car, but the ticket salesman offered to help me to pull it aboard. He then came over to my seat to sell me my ticket. Couldn't help but feel a little more educated than when I typically ride public transportation for ther first time in a new city. The Titan (who's requested to be renamed... jury's still out there) had warned me it was fine to buy the ticket onboard when heading into Chicago, but not to do that when heading out to Evanston. The ticket salesman then made me feel ubercool as he asked me if my parents had decided it was time to kick me out. Nice. Realllll nice. That sorta negated any pride I had of being in "the know". Oh well.

Another day of vacation ahead though. So much time. Loving it. I enjoyed my low-key day yesterday. Can't remember ther last time I really relaxed like that on a day off. I need to learn to kick back and relax more like that. Off in the distance, I can see the skyline of Chicago. I do love the city life. Ah yes. I'm staying just a short walk from Michigan Avenue. There's some museums I want to check out. Where to begin?



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