Friday, February 09, 2007

undercover karaoke queen

Last night, Sassy organized a group happy hour excursion to Saki. She'd read a recent review on the Washington Post website and thought we should give it a go. Half price sushi and $5 martinis. Can't be half-bad, right? Thankfully, I was messaging with the Fashionista before leaving work, as I'd totally misplaced where it was. How Adams Morgan became Cleveland Park in my head, I still don't know.

I really liked the place. The martinis were good (although you have to come prepared to ask for certain ones -- ask what kind they have, and all you get in return is a blank stare) and the sushi did not disappoint. Although as I came into work today, I remembered why sushi's always characterized as being so light. I was starving! The DG and her friend KA joined up with us shortly thereafter.

Following sushi, the Fashionista and I opted to continue on. When in Adams Morgan, why not, right? Our goal was karaoke at Millie and Al's, however we ended up learning we were still a bit early for that to be underway. We settled on Tom Tom, where at first we thought we were crashing a Washington City Paper party. We then learned it was in fact a singles event which they sponsored. Great! Those types of things always make me feel like there's a big target over my head with hungry salivating guys just ready to aim. It wasn't too bad though... and there were some amusing characters to be encountered for sure.

We then decided to give Millie and Al's another go. According to Sassy's old boss, Millie and Al's is where you go when you're serious and ready to meet that special someone (he met his wife there). I don't know. We've all yet to see anything remotely close to that. But, luckily, what we did find was karaoke in full swing. One of the most amusing parts of going there is the co-ed line to the restroom upstairs. It never fails that you meet someone you know, someone you only wish you knew, or someone you were hoping never to see. The girl I ran into was actually in DJ's recent plays, so at least not a bad encounter there.

We made friends with a group of guys at the door and then made our way back over to put our name in to sing some karaoke. Two Bama girls just have to do Sweet Home Alabama. I love me some karaoke! When we finally got called up, we ended up with some random guy singing along with us. Thanks, dude. We needed a little help in the lower octave. I think I would have sung far superior if the Titan's text messages hadn't been so distracting... we took quite a few obligatory random photos too to add to the collection, and the Fashionista should soon have some new friends on Facebook...

The cab ride home was productive as well. The driver couldn't figure out how to turn off his phone defaulting to words rather than letters. Before I knew it, I was working on his phone as I headed home. He was so excited when I fixed his settings. Sadly, still had to pay my fare when I exited. Hey, a girl can dream, right?



  • I distracted you? I distracted YOU?! Excuse me. Who, between the two of us, was working on a mid-term last night? Additionally, you sent me two texts during my class last night. Please. The Titan does not appreciate these blantant lies, which could possibly tarnish my pefect, beyond-reproach reputation.

    At least, you sang the greatest song of all-time!

    By Anonymous Titan, At February 09, 2007  

  • Blantant lies, huh? Last I recall, someone encouraged the messaging. Lemme see... yep, my message history confirms.

    Yes, fabulous song. Who can resist singing songs about the Southland?

    By Blogger LJ, At February 09, 2007  

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