Thursday, March 22, 2007

gypsies + praha + comfort food

Long, long day coming into Prague. Mom and I were feeling as gypsy-esque as the gypsey we encountered on the train as we were bumped from area to area on the train.

Figure this... the seats in the firsr car which were close together were deemed first class (AKA we can't sit there) but the third car we were banished to where you had a closed compartment and 6 seats to yourself was acceptable? Random. I guess in peak season that might be a downgrade, but was fine to us. Random.

There were some mighty unappealing cuisine options in our tour guide... and the information from BG and Coop didn't give us a clue on dishes to try. Is it lame to opt for pizza? Oh well. Sometimes the different food and time difference of traveling takes its toll. And the pizza was mighty tasty if I do say so myself. According to mom the hot chocolate at Fuzion was hands down the best she's ever had. Three cheers for comfort food.

Pizzerie Green Tomato
Jindrisska 18, Praha


Hotel Carlton
Taboritska 18

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