Tuesday, March 20, 2007

snow kissed austria

It's not but 7:30... we're pulling out of the city, as gentle but steady flakes fall on the city of Vienna. Our driver had promised as we went to meet the larger bus that the snow should intensify as we make our way up into Salzburg.

As we wind our way up the road (trying not to think of any possibility of sliding our way off of the road), the flakes become larger and the light dusting accumulates to a thick blanket, somehow balancing itself across each tree, branch-by-branch.

I've seen snow, but it was just stunning. Like nothing I've seen before. They had not had snow all winter. The men who clear the road our guide, perhaps halfway joking and halfway serious, noted were not likely available to clear the streets.

The snow began to fall more quickly as we continued our journey. Our guide turned on Mozart overhead and I just relaxed, letting the music and the white blanket overhead envelope me.

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