Friday, March 09, 2007

just carolina all around

Yesterday about 3:30 it hit me like a Mack truck, like it always seems to. I thought I'd managed to escape getting sick. I felt it coming on in Chicago and had been downing the max dosage per day of Emergen-C. I'd sung Emergen-C's praise to darn near everyone with whom it had come up in conversation. I should get comission. But my song died late yesterday afternoon.

I scrambled to finish up what I absolutley had to wrap up at work last night so that I could be out today if necessary. I'd committed to do dinner with the Tour Guide and company to meet her new boyfriend, in from Michigan for a job interview. I managed to make it through dinner successfully (along with Duke, who was also sick). We were surrounded by people drinking all sorts of fancy mojitos and our request was to please keep the water and iced teas coming!

Today for the first time since I think I've started work in DC (gosh, will be two years at the end of the month since I moved here!), I took a sick day. I was sleeping in wonderfully until our landlord called around 7:30ish. Open cell phone. Click "decline". Zzzzzz... (Last night, the repairman came downstairs to repair the downstairs tenant's water heater. Did we know he was coming? No. How did we find out? NO RUNNING WATER! Ahhhh, the joys of renting. At least the problem was limited to an hour or so.)

I hit the road to Arlington after the morning rush with the help of Carolina (sweet sweet
Garmin). After the doctor's office, I ran to Giant with prescriptions in tow. Sinus infection. Blah. I left out of Giant with not only prescriptions but also a 2 liter of RC Cola (success!), pork rinds, and Funyuns. They probably thought I should throw in a bottle of Pepcid for good measure. Hah. I was going to pick up a box of Franzia or other fabulous boxed wine, but never knew the stuff cost $11-$14. Isn't the point of boxed wine that it's supposed to be mega-busted and uber-cheap? After a quick run for Peruvian pollo a la brasa and a Diet Inca Kola, I found myself back in the District.

Sadly, my plans of being culturally enlightened this evening at the
Hirshorn seem to be a no-go. I'm all about saving up my energy and recouping for tomorrow's festivities... since one must maximize their right to be trailer-iffic. So instead of wine and art, right here I'll be. I've got my velour track suit on, am sacked out in the bed watching my latest Netflix acquisition, a smaller film called Carolina, and gnoshing on some serious chocolate (darn you Cadbury and your fabulous mini-eggs). I'm going to enjoy my sick day though... as a "grown up", these don't seem to come along often so while no one wants to be sick, there's a somewhat of a silver lining there somewhere.


  • $11.00 of Franzia works out equivalent to $1.65 per bottle. Geez, how much cheaper could it be? That's lower than Two Buck Chuck.

    By Blogger Fly By Night Sailor, At March 10, 2007  

  • Thanks for the wine mathematics... I think it was just the initial sticker shock of Franzia in double digits...

    Hmmmm... $1.65. Not too shabby.

    By Blogger LJ, At March 10, 2007  

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