Friday, March 02, 2007

windy city it is

Okay, so if there was ever any doubt that Chicago knows how to put out some killer winds, doubt no mas. Today as I was trying (note the use of the word trying) to make my way into the Metra station, pulling two suitcases, a big binder, a large purse, and a laptop bag into the station in the snow, I realized I was putting forth a whole heck of a lot of effort and my net distance accomplished (man, I've been sitting in an accounting/finance class too long... I'm using net when it's not even really applicable!) was almost zero. Nice.

My last day in downtown included two faaaaabulous exams, which I begrudgingly voluntarily began promptly at 7:30AM. Diet Coke was annihilated by 7:45AM. I think I did fine on the exams though. I had until noon to complete them and was headed out into the snow by 10:30. Not half-bad. I went to the indoor mall with the Nordstrom, just you know to balance out a little of the post-test tension. Thankfully Femme De Carriere was having a sale... would hate to end that tradition (having bought something there now on each of my work trips to Chicago). After lunch at Grand Lux Cafe, it was back to Evanston for me.

For the record, I hear it's a high of sixty in DC. I'm chillin' (literally) in the Chicago temps here, with snow and all. It's all good though... DC will be there when I get back.



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