Wednesday, March 07, 2007

sam's choice is my choice, just for today

What do you get when you take two 'bamians and put them out on a snowy DC evening before a theme party? Perhaps sadly, entirely too much fun at a fine establishment more commonly known as Wal-Mart. I know, I know... terrible, terrible things at the hands of the evil Wal-Mart empire. But when you're planning a Trailer Trash party and there's not a single Dollar General reasonably closeby, what's a girl to do? Seriously, if I were to go to somewhere more expensive, it would just be inappropriate.

My JLW committee meeting was nixed this evening due to snow, so of course what did we decide to do but hop in the car and trek out to Alexandria for some retail therapy, Sam's style (since when does a cancelled meeting indicate you might should opt to not drive?). The original plan was actually to go to Michael's. The Fashionista was headed out there and once I heard my meeting was cancelled, I high-tailed it downstairs to catch a ride with her out to Michael's. We ended up scrapping that plan though and instead opting for Wal-Mart, since it just had it all. I won't divulge all of the absolutley fantastic items I purchased... I'll save that for the weekend wrap. But I'm pretty pleased. Hah.

Somehow though, I did not get quite the looks this evening as I did yesterday shopping in H&M. Yesterday as I carried around the "assortment" of items which would comprise a fraction of my Saturday ensemble, I noticed the gazes of many other shoppers looking me up and down as if to say poor, sad pathetic thing. She thinks that's fashionable. I fought off a grin though and looked as serious as could be. Remember, I'm serious about this now. No half-way now. License to dress hideous? Mission accepted.

Anyhow, the Fashionista and I spent a good two hours wandering up and down the aisles at Wal-Mart. We tried on some of the clothing they had and were actually sad that we had to scrounge a bit to come up with something we could turn into a hideous outfit. When did Wal-Mart become trendy? And when did their supply of trucker-esque hats become so limited? Who knew? We had the obligatory run in with the mother who has waaaaay too many children than should be legally permissible and saw a monstrous supply of Spam conveniently placed at that prime location of eye-level. Ah yes. Our cart was a hilarious hodge-podge between the supplies for the Trailer Trash party, items for A Night of Mystique, and the multiple bags of 48 plastic easter eggs I bought for my JLW project.

We are now ready for Saturday, for sure. I bought some supplies to finish up my shirt, so I'm almost set. The anticipation is killing me, and it's taken every ounce of restraint to keep from diving into the box of chocolate Moon Pies. I'm so close to caving...


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