Saturday, March 17, 2007

30 minute plane teases

... or why I love to hate Charles De Gaulle. (Have your pick. I'm bored, so you get options)

Oh what a night...

DC. Sweet DC. N'er was I so happy to bid thee adieu. Last night, I swear... thought that moment would never arrive. With the bad weather coming shortly, we thought it was all but cemented that we were soon to be herded like cattle back into the gate from which we came.

They came out to de-ice the plane, a process we were advised would take 20-30 minutes. The funky salmon-colored substance was soon shooting out onto the wing from a gun thing which looked like a water gun on steroids. Steam came off the wing. No A/C allowed during the process, so the cabin became hot and sticky for a good 45 min.

Success, right? Wrong. The machine ran out of the de-icing goo, and some hour later, the captain would come on to say that the process would move quickly, once they figured out where the de-icing guy was. Wing re-iced, so we went back to step one. We were finally de-iced (hallelujah). I thought if I heard one more 20-30 minute promise though, I just might lose it.

Total DC delay? Close to 3 hours.
Happily airborn passengers en route to Budapest? 2

We dashed to the gate here in Paris to have it shut in our face. Air France does get props for meal vouchers, even though we curtly were informed that the croque monsieur was not included. Charles De Gaulle does not get props on layout though. Seriously, whomever set up this place must have been on crack!

So now we've got 4 hours we're stuck here. Nothing interesting to look at here... but at least we're this side of the ocean. I'm bummed we'll have to miss the market, since it's not open on Sunday. But if that's the biggest concern we're left with, guess we're doing fine!

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