Friday, March 16, 2007

par avion? oui!

It's a nice change to not travel solo. Don't get me wrong. I'm usually on my way to meet someone or go somewhere where others will be. It's just the time roaming around in the airport where it's usually just me.

My mom met me here at Dulles. We've had a great relaxing afternoon to kick off our trip. He had a nice lunch at Harry's Tap Room since international check-in had yet to open. We've perused the fine offerings of the Duty Free shop (and mom didn't disappoint - pointing to the shelves of rum, vodka, and gin and stating we could stock up our stash of "booze" - always cracks me up when she pulls out the booze term... classic mom).

We're flying Air France. It's Dulles to Paris and Paris on to Budapest. Our hope is that Air France means croissants and brie for breakfast ;-)

Well, boarding's about to begin... in an appropriate fashion for our airline, au revoir!

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