Sunday, March 11, 2007

welcome to the trailer, cap hill style

Shamrockfest started at noon, but it was closer to 2pm that Sassy, the Fashionista, and the DG headed over to RFK. The walk was great, considering the weather at long last didn't have the frosty sting as of late. As Ballston learned last year though, good weather can equate to trouble for Shamrockfest. We lost the Fashionista at the gate, who was not having a good start to the day. The bigger bands were to play later in the evening (so we knew we wouldn't be seeing any of those). We did manage to hear some good Irish Jigs along with some not half-bad cover bands... a little Journey, some Blink 182, even some Dave Matthews Band.

We did not even have to enter the gates to begin to experience some of the fine people watching we knew the event would include... people dressed as leprechauns, inappropriate t-shirts galore, mohawks, people with their hair dyed bright green, and the list goes on. Also, amidst the unknown faces we managed to encounter a whole slew of familiar ones sprinkled across the pavement at RFK. First of all, who knew there were so many different types of people throughout the city that we never encounter day-to-day? And second, funny to see those we do know mixed in with the ecclectic crowd. We were there a couple of hours before we decided to check out to get ready for the big party. The fun crowd that was warming up when we arrived was kicking into full swing around about then. Perhaps the umph of that green beer was kicking into overdrive at that point.

The party started at 8, but it was closer to 9 when it really got going. Our place was jazzed up right proper for the event. I'd made signs the night before. Originally, I'd planned on buying posterboard to make them, but realized that it was much more appropriate to just rip up the cardboard boxes we'd been meaning to recycle and put them to proper use.

I had not tried on my outfit altogether, but somehow the shirt (which I kept cutting shorter and shorter - haha) paying homage to the late Dale Earnhart, skirt, random yellow capri leggings, socks and sandals managed to come together looking appropriately hideous. I had comments all night long that my shirt should say "I loved (past tense) Dale" rather than just I heart Dale. My response? He's still alive in my heart... followed by fake sobs and a frown. Awww. And of course the twig of hair along with bring hot pink lipstick sealed the deal. My roommates were looking smashing as well. I'm definitely thinking theme parties are the way to go.

It was hilarious to watch the people come in, one by one, dressed in their costumes and carrying their props, beverages, and culinary contributions. Favorite food items have to be the Slim Jim corn dogs homemade by D, the potted meat Dr. P brought, and the plethora of Funyuns. Favorite beverages would be the Boones Farm and the 40s brought as props (classy!). For costumes, loved the couple dressed as KFed and Britney. And then there was Paris Hilton. There was teased hair a'plenty, lacey capris, bras showing, John Deere hats, the list goes on and on. Tackiness flowing from every direction.

So some of the attendees thought it wouldn't be a true trailer trash party without some hickeys. Hmmmm... let's just say some of them may be wearing their wardrobe's entire turtleneck collection during what hopefully will still remain to be a warmer week ahead here in DC. Sassy said someone was commenting on how some of the people had put on fake hickeys. Oh no, no my dear. No fake here, we assure you.

For a party where we were expecting not as many people, it ended up being quite the throw down. Our party stash of alcohol, which really goes untouched with the exception of our parties, is basically non-existent. Guess my parents will no longer think my roommates are alcoholics when they come to visit (hah - long story). The DG reported the neighbor came over today to officially complain about the noise from last night. Oooops. That's a first. She didn't give us a chance to counter her complaint with complaints about her obnoxious child (the one I complain about ehem a few times here... the one who thinks 5AM is the new 7AM... "special" he is). Maybe it was the DG and my version of Cyndi Lauper's Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun that was the final straw... but in the trailer, shouldn't be a dern thing wrong with a little late night karaoke.

As we always seem to do, we're already thinking of ideas for themes for the next one. We always contemplate not doing one for a while, and inevitably we break down for another round. I think we skipped the contemplation phase this time around though.

Tales of what happened at and after the party are still coming in, and the fine photos are mounting up. Countless photos with WT's uber-classy white trash wig (love it... love it a little too much) and also with D's fantastic Miller Lite hat (see left here for a glimpse of its splendor). The Fashionista and I think he could get a good side business going on these. Guess we ladies at the row house with the purple door can't do anything other than call this one a trailer trash success. I'm now back to my Nascar hatin' self. And now I'm crawling into my bed. ASAP.


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