Saturday, March 17, 2007

nem beszelek magyarul

If there was any doubt (and I'm sure there was not), that translates out to "I don't speak Hungarian". It looks a little bit Russian, a little bit Polish, and a lot about the city's overall feel seems to remind me a tad of Germany.

We had a small delay out of Paris to Budapest. It was around 6:45 by the time we reached our hotel. We ended up splurging for a cab in. The prospect of the whole bus/train tango was not too appealing. I think we were just so relieved that our baggage successfully seemed to follow our zigzag trip here that we would have probably agreed to basically whatever cab fare was quoted.

We just got back from a fabulous dinner. I checked with the Yankee for suggestions from De Gaulle and he replied back noting chicken paprikash. So mom and I headed off on a chicken hunt.

Most definitely did not disappoint. It came with a side of egg noodles, which looked identical to German spaetzle. After a day of airport and Air France food (big yuck), it was a welcomed change.

At the suggestion of our server, we tried some Hungarian sponge cake. Very different from what we'd call sponge cake in the US. In a good way. I'll have to read what that's all about.

Yeah so it's 9:30. We're wiped out and planning to hit the ground running for a full day (now truly our *only* day in Budapest) tomorrow. Think we're turning in. Been a long one, for sure.

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