Monday, March 19, 2007

vienna: best & wurst

Oh yes, Euro-puns. That's right.

So we might have escaped DC's snow, but the damp cold has set in as we made our way into Vienna. There's even snow forecasted for Salzburg, although since we're just going for the day I believe we will miss it. (Darn)

Today it was all about just wandering the streets a bit. After heading to the tabaq for tickets, we took the central ring which circles the city. The tram reminded me of Amsterdam. Although, the city does not have Amsterdam's bike presence. You could see the Parliament, the palaces, and some other places we plan to visit on Wednesday.

We walked up Kartner Strasse, stopping in and out a few of the shops along the way. We ended at the Stephansdom, a beautiful Gothic cathedral. It is an imposing structure, sadly in great need of some cleansing. There is scaffolding up, so hopefully that's in the works.

There was a service in progress, so we could only watch from the immediate entrance. The church was dark, solely illuminated by candles and the faint glimmer of the sinking sun through the stained glass windows. The exterior wouldn't have led me to expect a lot, but I found myself pleasantly surprised.

I wanted to try melange, their local coffee specialty. I tell you... after these restaurants, cafes, desserts, and the like, it's going to be hard to go back to the US.

Restaurant Fuhrich - Fuhrichgasse 6

Julius Meinl, cafe

Pizzeria - Ristorante Ferrari
Salzgries 15

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