Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oh the places you'll go

I figured the Hofburg Palace would be impressive, but I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it overall. The Silberkammer (silver collection) was fascinating. I cannot imagine having that many types of dishes! I don't know that it would have been as interesting were it not for the great audio guide they provided with the entrance fee. We decided the tour set up at Versailles needed to get a clue from the set-up here.

Over lunch, we pondered where to go. There's a lot which would be great to do, like the Prater or some of the gardens, which don't quite work in colder weather. One thing I really wanted to see was the Hundertwasserhaus. It was a bit further out of the city center, but was not too far on the subway for us to keep from going.

I love architecture. I love the fascinating and peculiar buildings produced by Gaudi. If I don't watch myself, my pictures following a trip like this one are filled wth architecture, accented strategically by flowers, people, or the like as a secondary feature.

The Hyndertwasserhaus was absolutely fantastic. Its bright colors were visible from afar and made me think somehow of Dr. Seuss. I think I shot some 30+ photos of the complex, which is some 50 apartments housing 200 or so residents. Time well-spent doing something other than museums, churches, etc.

We've packed up for our third and final stop, Praha...

(a shoe lover's dream if it wasn't for that whole euro v. dollar thing. ergh.)

Kegelgasse/Lowengasse, Wien

Aera - Gonzagagasse, Wien
Simple neighborhood pub w/ great food

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