Friday, March 23, 2007

every day is a winding road...

After some horribly incorrect directions from the hotel reception, we finally found our way to head up to the castle. It was a long series of winding steps up at last to the castle area. I'd heard from BG and the Titan that that was a great spot to catch an aerial view of Prague, and that it was.

The highlight there was St. Vitus's Cathedral. The Cathedral was very open, having much more light coming in through the window than most churches. The stained glass caught my attention especially due to its vivid colors as opposed to the more subdued hues more typical. Perhaps it is because it is from the 20th century.

I decided somewhat reluctantly to climb the some 287 steps to the top of the observation tower. The staircase was narrow and basically completely enclosed with no railing whatsoever, but just couldn't pass up the photo op.

En route to the top, I encountered two waves of groups... those offering encouraging comments, followed by those taunting the steps remaining to the top. There was a group who decided I was Italian (? clearly, see that...), cheering, "you can do it, bella!". They were followed by a group of punks (school group, I think) who barked "you're nowhere close to the top". Ergh. Thanks, punk.

The view from the top as absolutely amazing, though. I saw what my sister meant even more about Prague looking like you were walking around in a postcard. It really did not look real.

We'd planned on working our way over to the Jewish Quarter, where we'd noted quite a few sights on our daily hit list. Our parade was rained on (literally) when we finally found our way there at 4:30 to be tokd they'd just closed and (we *think*) would not open again until Sunday (when we leave out in the morning... argh). We're going to see... doesn't look too likely though. Big bummer.

I do wish Prague had been earlier in our agenda. I'm very glad I decided to add in an extra day of vacation the Monday after we get in. My body's maxing out and thinking the Euro-detox was a mighty fine plan. Mighty fine, indeed.

Sitting here, rain pounding down on the roof of our hotel room (deemed best in the hotel - hah), it's peaceful. Tomorrow's our final day. Much to be seen and done before crossing back to the other side of the water.

Restaurant U Kolowrata
Mala Strata, 118 - Praha (Little Quarter)
3 course lunch - good price, good food
Don't go if in a hurry though, cause they sure aren't!!!

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