Sunday, August 12, 2007

left shoes galore

It's been a wiiiiiiild weekend (sarcasm).

Titan: What's new with you?
LJ: Nada. I'm being anti-social. Because I can't be social.

I can't remember the last time I stayed in on both Friday and Saturday night. It's a whole new world. I don't foresee it being the norm for me by any means, but it's been a nice forced change. So what have I been doing with my newfound time in? I've most definitely been maximizing my monthly rent investment. I usually joke it's an expensive place to house a bed. I've been using it for much more than that this past week.

Friday night, the Tour Guide made the hike to VA for an in-home visit. Friday was our firm's annual picnic. Somehow the hot August afternoon along with my plaster cast did not seem like a recipe for fun. A friend helped me make a run to Target, where I learned that the automated shopping carts do not function quite as fast as a go-cart, but can generate enough wind to bring on a chill. Brrrrrr.

The Tour Guide brought over some fabulous toaster oven brownie muffins as we began planning our third annual co-birthday celebrations. Being Virgos, we've got the planning thing down to a science. It's how we operate. The Tour Guide did note that my place was becoming a graveyard of discarded left shoes. I had to laugh. This past week, the poor right mate to each pair might as well not even exist.

Saturday I went to brunch with TGT, a friend from college who I really think I have not seen in five years. Wild! We did brunch at Boulevard Wood Grill. The French Toast with it's Grand Marnier whipped cream was just perfect. And what did the wild Saturday evening entail? Some unpacking... reading a bit more of Jennifer Weiner's The Guy Not Taken... and finally watching Gone With the Wind (ummm yeah, that was a commitment - but quite good).

And much thanks to Coop for his help pretty much all of today with moving over stuff to the new place from the Cap Hill rowhouse. He gets serious kudos, as well as not half-bad pizza from Brick's (with the exception of Coop's half with anchovies - ewwww), for all his hard work in moving stuff for me -- including moving um me up the long staircase of the house. Thanks to him I'm three small items away from being d-o-n-e!

So yeah, I'm 99.9% moved and 100% tired. Off to the futon to prop up the foot. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  • Nooooo!!! You did brunch in Arlington? Please don't become one of those "bridge and tunnel" people.

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that the reason you brunched in Arlington is because you had an injury, not because you enjoyed it.

    By Blogger HomeImprovementNinja, At August 13, 2007  

  • I brunched in Arlington because it's um local now?

    And I thought the definition of BNT were those who came into the city to go out and then retreated back to the other side of the tracks...

    For you DC snobs, you should be relieved I didn't daaaare to cross those tracks ;-)

    And for the record, I did enjoy it - hah!

    By Blogger LJ, At August 13, 2007  

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