Sunday, March 25, 2007

a classic cseka finale

Between Mozart in Vienna and Dvorak in Prague, I'm feeling a classical kick coming on. It's funny... last night's concert took me back to my high school days, where life was filled with rehearsals, auditions, and competitions. Pulling out that black ensemble and heading in for warm-up.

Sometimes I really miss that. There was a time when that could have been my life. Although, the though of life as one giant audition was not the upside of the lifestyle. That was for sure. I guess though we do encounter our own form of audition in every aspect, just maquerading slightly under different packaging.

I've always had a competitive spirit. Guess it thrived in that environment. Principal flutist... that was the only acceptable place to be, be it in the symphonic band, youth symphony, or all-state band/orchestra.

I remember the thrill of winning the concerto competition to play with the Huntsville Symphony and then the Shoals Symphony as a guest soloist. Hungarian Pastorale Fantasie by Franz Doppler. Absolutely amazing piece. Or attending William Bennett's session at Wild Acres in the mountains in North Carolina and being selected to study with his wife, Michie.

There was a possible double major with music at the University of South Carolina, Rhodes, or FSU. How different things would be.

I don't regret the decision... that's for sure. But I also know I think this was the catalyst I needed to dust off that Haynes flute with the engraved Jack Moore headjoint I've always been so proud of, after a hiatus of some five years. What a shame. An instrument that beautiful is clearly meant to be played, and play I shall.

And as our plane is about to push back at the gate, farewell Praha. Next time, I'll definitely start with you to give you your due.

Bohemia Bagel
Masna 2, Praha 1
Bottomless soda (don't mind if I do!), if you can only find the place amidst the winding streets... beware of uber-spicy mustard! But fabulous bagels. Yum!

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