Saturday, March 24, 2007

day o' dvorak

Once upon a time in a little hotel in Praha over a fine breakfast...

Mom: "I still haven't had my Orangina. But it's just been too cold to care."
LJ: "Well, that hasn't stopped you from Coke."
Mom: "Well, Coke is like the nectar of life..."

Having had our plans to check out the Jewish Quarter squelched, we set off to the Dvorak Museum in the New Quarter area. We were able to see manuscripts, his desk, his viola, even his piano. A Bosendorfer. Who knew he had that in common with Tori Amos?

Dvorak has always been one of my favorites. Vienna boasted of Mozart at every turn. Mozart's nice... but give me Dvorak any day. Somehow I've yet to load my classical music onto my iPod. Will have to do that when I get back to DC.

We bought tickets to see the Prague Festival Philharmonic Orchestra at Smetana Hall at the Municipal House. The program includes Dvorak's New World Symphony and Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations, Op. 33. That's the nice thing about a classical music concert... the universal language.

On the way up to the room, we noticed that the time change arrives overnight to Praha. Props to our hotel for posting that in the elevator. We wouldn't have been too happy if we'd missed our flight for it. Yikes.

Oh yeah... finally got my Camper's I've been in pursuit of for 2+ years


Municipal House Cafe
Namesti Republiky 5 - Praha

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