Sunday, March 25, 2007

fresh in from de hell

Finally, back in DC, baby. The return trip from overseas always seems to take an eternity. Must say though that when one barely makes it out with SNOW as an issue, sixty-something degree weather is just about as good of a welcome back greeting as a girl could hope for (other decent options would be instantaneous access to my bed or flowers - those never hurt, hah).

Our day almost began horribly... thankfully I set my phone's alarm since the front desk never elected too call for our wake-up call. After being so informative on the time chang, not too efficient to help guests "not miss breakfast, or even worse - flights" as promised by not following through there. Thumbs down.

We then had a MAD high speed drive to the Prague airport. The airport was waaaay out of time and we easily made it in some 15 minutes. How? Cause our crazed driver drove like a maniac winding around the roads, slinging my mom from side to side (even, yes, with seatbelts securely fastened). We especially liked the large skeleton/skull figure he had afixed to his dash. One point, we almost smashed into a truck. It was a great way to settle ones stomach at 7AM.

We had our usual marathon through De Gaulle (or as we renamed it, "De Hell"). We had to take a series of four different buses and go through two additional security checkpoints. Efficient? Not so much.

I especially loved the part where one worker laughed at us for trying to make our flight (ooooh I *so* bit my tongue) or when one of the security ladies rumaging through my stuff took waaaaay too long to ooh and ahhh over my Milka plush bag. Yes, it's cute. Yes, I can be a big kid sometimes. Now will you let me out of your country? Thanks.

Regardless somehow we made it through the secret maze of De Hell almost on time. Even caught some good movies on the flight... Dream Girls (good) and The Illusionist (LOVED it... so much, I watched it twice to see if I could get more out of the final 10-15 minutes the second time around).

I'm so crashing shortly... it's what, 11:05 PM in Prague? Man, it feels like it. I was hoping to start some laundry, but that fabulous non-concrete (like the hotel beds have been...) bed is so calling my name. Not sure which will win.

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