Wednesday, March 28, 2007

spring haze

I love spring in DC. I think it's when DC is at its best... people finally seem to come out of their hiding places and the street-side cafes no longer look like a ghost town and are again buzzing with the chatter of the District's inhabitants, out and about - alive again after hibernating for the winter. Perhaps coming back to this helped to ease knowing that returning to DC also meant returning to the reality of work and the like. Or at least I'd like to think that...

I can't remember any other time where I've taken an extra day off of work just to unwind and reorganize. Monday (and Tuesday and today as well...) my eyes flew wide open at 3:30AM, with my body thinking it was time to start the day. No, no, no... I said. SLEEP! You want to SLEEP! Clearly not, as my eyes flipped open again at 4:30, and yet again at 5:30. Does jet lag worsen with age? It was a tad bit worse than usual for me last year when I went to Italy, but this year takes the cake thus far on the jet lag.

The rest of the day was laundry, grocery shopping, catching up on Grey's Anatomy (so important!), and watching the first disc of Season 4 of Scrubs. The bulk of the day was going through the some 300 photos from the trip, fixing them to be presentable and uploading them. It's always a bummer to come in from any shoot but particularly from an extended trip like this one and find the photos to be less than what you were hoping for... I'd committed to print at least five to use for the upcoming ANOM fundraiser, so there was a little added pressure to have some not only turn out well but in theme. I was pleased with how they came out, so think I'm good to go there. I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to put some of my work on display there.

Yesterday, my first full day back in the office, was super long. I hit a wall around 3pm that no amount of caffeine or chocolate could help me to hurdle. Thankfully, I'd made plans to head out a smidge early in honor of TxDem's birthday. She'd thrown out the royal treatment for me for my birthday at ACL in September. I missed her birthday soiree on Friday since I was in Europe, so jet lag wasn't keeping me from drinks at Lauriol Plaza to celebrate. No better day out of the week with the near 80 degree temps to sit on the patio and enjoy some of that famous frozen swirled! Mmmm.

Mexican food made me think of college, when my sorority house roomie, Dee, and I would routinely make a beeline for the local Mex spot we knew oh way too well, "the hat" (really El Sombrero, but we called it the hat). At the time, we thought Mexican food could be no finer. I remember the look on my parents faces when I took them there the first time. This place I'd spoken of so glowingly seemed to not be such a culinary delight in their eyes. I think your taste buds have a different acceptance level in college though. I remember then thinking that no drink could hold a candle to the offerings at Sonic's drive through. Although, I'll admit that sounds mighty fine right now as well.

Anyhow, the last time I saw Dee was back in April 2002, when I returned back to campus for our sorority's final IRD. We've emailed some since, but haven't spoken or seen each other since that weekend. Last night after LP margs, I decided it was time to give her a call. Minor snafu. Didn't have her number. Quick email on the blackberry and problem solved.

It's funny how some people you lose touch with you can't seem to find that commonality again once you reconnect. It's like without the continuity of the relationship, the substance that provided the foundation for your relationship has desolved - no hope of it being reconstructed. There are are other connections though where it seems that the connection never truly fades away. Once reconnected, those years in between seem to melt away. There's something comforting in those few, special individuals that you can experience that connection with. I've got a few others of those - you know who you are. Can't beat that.

Last night, chatting away with Dee, I remembered being 19 again like it was yesterday, with all of the ups and downs that came along with it. There's a closeness you have with someone when you've shared a living space, gosh, probably only amounting to somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 feet x 8 feet (estimation has never been my forte). It's fabulous to make new friends, but it's equally special to reconnect with those you lost touch with somehow along the way.


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