Thursday, September 13, 2007

thursday's random smorgasbord of ramblings

(or Just Say No to Bank of America ATMs)

I was just reading the news and apparently Bank of America's ATM's will
now charge $3.00 to all non-account owners who elect to have the privilege of withdrawing their wad of one dollar bills from BOA's system. What do I say to that? Boo. Glad I'm reading so I know who to not get money from. Um, no. And now, you do too.

Granny Airlines

I am really amused by the recent news articles surrounding the young lady who was supposedly wearing provocative clothing on Southwest Airlines on a recent flight and was pulled aside. She was apparently allowed to board the plane after she pulled her skirt down to make it appear longer. Um, c'mon. I was trying to find a picture of her online, but I saw this on TV and I've seen much worse on planes I've been on. If she's provocative, then I must be flying next to porn stars on my planes. And now there's a second lady?

And what's my favorite part? Southwest used to dress its flight attendants in hot pants in the '70s. Their slogan was "the love airline". I would think the "love airline" would have some love for the crazy insane short skirt this passenger opted for. Guess not.

So, what happened to being focused on security measures at airports? Yeah, hello, that CODE ORANGE warning that blares over the loudspeakers at every airport across America. 'Cause last airport I personally left out of, the person working at the security checkpoint? Yeah, they had basically shut down for the evening. I was wearing my oh so fabulous cast. Did he mention it or check it for explosives? Negative. Wand it? Nope. He did scan my bag normally through the machine and then looked at me, commenting "eh, you don't look like a threat".

But clearly, Southwest has their priorities in order. Postage stamp skirts? Now THERE'S the real threat to America...

(Note - I do not personally opt for the skirts of the teensie variety. Just had to say... and if I did, yeah, I'd clearly not fly Southwest!)


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