Wednesday, August 29, 2007

you put your right foot in...

I went to the doctor's this morning, bracing myself for a sad report of mucho more cast-laiden weeks ahead. It was to my surprise that he came back, x-rays in hand, to report that I was healing fabulously and should be able to transition fully to normal shoes... yes TWO normal shoes... by mid-next week. Fantastic. Homework is all that fun normal PT-ish stuff, like rotating the ankle, yadda yadda... but yeah, I'm on my way to putting the plethora of shoes that are such an intimidating presence in my closet back into rotation. Super. And just in time to be able to wear shoes to my birthday party. Could the timing be any more perfect???

And let me say, it's been interesting spending the last week commuting via metro in cast. I figured that people would be pretty accommodating about letting you sit down, etc. Um, no. Someone had told me they would do all possible to avert coming in contact with your line of sight. Oh so true. Wise, wise words. I've seen it in action. Have I sat down once on the commute in? Um, no. My favorite was when one day I had the nerve to lose my balance (seeing as at that point it was my first day back on the metro and balancing even slightly on the right foot was a no go) and ever so slightly bump into the person behind me, I got the look of death. Sheesh. I can't wait until I'm fully mended and can become a part of the general in-a-rush-hustling-to-get-from-a-to-b populous.

On a different note, people find it strangely appropriate to comment all sorts of things to you solely based on your cast. This phenomenon was not limited to my high school reunion. Oh no. It expands out to include all sidewalks, alleys, and the likes that permeate the greater DC metro area. No place is safe. So as I'm on my way out of this sad little woe is my foot rut, thought it was appropriate to compile a listing of the top 5 comments (ranging from quasi-pick-up lines to just flat-out stupid utterances of the English language) overheard during my last couple weeks with a fractured foot...

Comment #1: "Well, you really wear that cast well" ... followed by big goofy grin - man at drag brunch at Perry's, clearly with girlfriend (nice)

Comment #2: "Your's is better than mine" - man sprinting by in a white cast, rather than my oh so trendy black one

Comment #3: "I remember when I wore my cast. When I took that thing off at the end of the day it smelled fuuuuuuunky" - department director at work commenting on the beauty of functionality and yet stinky side effects of the walking cast

Comment #4: "Do you need any help carrying that? I can help you, you know" - random guy on metro, with ulterior motives (denied...)

Comment #5: "Oh wow, it really must suck to walk around DC in that thing in the August heat..." - about fifteen to twenty of DC's brightest and finest males clearly available. Suave points? Maximum.

Those are the best without being incriminating as you know is how I tend to roll...

I'm looking forward to putting on my iPod, complete with shoe 1 + 2, and going back to blending into the masses on the metro. I don't want Joe Schmoe feeling comfortable engaging in conversation. Especially not before I've made it into the office and had breakfast. Big thumbs down.

Hurrah to impending normalcy. Three cheers for eventually getting back behind the wheel. You know Target and Linens and Things will be at the top of that to-hit list. So ready. Oh so ready.


  • Cast or none, wanton men will use any excuse to strike up lecherous conversation. Don't get your hopes up, LJ.

    By Blogger SciWonk, At August 29, 2007  

  • True true... although, I've found it to most definitely be a mindless, effortless, way too easy in. The amount of lazy guys astounded me ;-)

    By Blogger LJ, At August 29, 2007  

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