Monday, April 24, 2006

suede ruth slim

I thought it was appropriate that my pimp name be the title of this post!

Is it really Monday morning again tomorrow? Another week begins... I think weekends are really shorter these days than they used to. I had a really productive day, although sadly it meant I was in the office. Looooong day. We're moving offices this week -- the big move, literally next door. The upside is a slightly shorter day on Thursday and the glorious right to wear jeans on Thursday and Friday. I guess you take the perks you can get, right? And works great for me too since I need to head out Friday for NYC -- woohoo road trip. I hope my bus-buddy Dr. P can still join me for the ride!

It was another good low-key weekend though. Friday night through late Saturday evening was our Young Adult's Church Retreat, which was nice. The ride out to Falls Church, VA was such a nice change from the city-scape (as much as I do love being a city girl, an occasional escape is still appreciated). We were at an actual camp -- bunk beds, wooden ladders, logs in the fire, the works. It was such a peaceful place to be where all was so calm and all you heard at times was the soft tapping of falling rain. It was just what I needed -- perfect.

We got back into the city early evening -- refreshed but still a bit tired (it is a little hard to sleep with so many different people in one room -- the downside of the "bonding experience"). TX Dem and I made it an evening in since we just couldn't change gears. Sarah -- we so wanted to go to your party. We were just a bit too zonked to get done up properly for your fiesta. We will have to take a rain check (and can't wait to hear stories about your festivities!). Instead, it was a bottle of red zin and Junebug for us. ES -- we loved it! It was the perfect movie for two Southern girls.

Well, off to watch Grey's Anatomy. Ooooh and it's the "Cliff Notes" episode. Perfect to fill in the few gaps of Patrick Dempsey I have. I'm all about completeness...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

lotsa matzah (& the easter bunny too)

I think I covered lots of bases this weekend. I really do. Lots of variety packed into the span of a few days. The Cajun and I kicked off the weekend in fine fashion at a wine bar I'd yet to check out. I liked it a lot -- great spot to catch up and the wine wasn't too shabby either. Definitely a must repeat girl's evening in the near future.

Well, for Easter weekend I managed to do a little this and a little that. I felt a little awkward in the midst of so many others who went home or did family things for Easter. I don't know... I've never felt so surrounded by so many people who were heading off for Easter weekend. It made me feel bad for not heading back home to AL, even though I do know I'll be making a pit stop there not too far in the future. Anyhow, I had hoped to at least be able to escape away for the Good Friday at my church, but with it being at noon and the papers being as high on my desk as they are these days, just wasn't meant to be.

Saturday was great. I watched another one of my Netflix movies (Just Like Heaven -- actually liked it. I almost turned it off about halfway in 'cause I just wasn't liking it, but I'm glad I stuck it out. I really liked where it went somehow.). Later, I met up with AS, a classmate from my UF MBA program, his wife, and a bunch of friends of his from high school. I hadn't seen him since we graduated, which was just when I was moving into DC. Since I just passed my 1 year DC-versary, guess that makes it around a year ago. He was in town to visit his family for Passover. We went to this Mongolian BBQ place, which was a new experience for me. Last new cuisine was Ethiopian, now Mongolian... what shall I choose next?

I went to our Easter service Easter morning, which was beautiful. The Easter lilies on the altar were gorgeous and it was very fitting to have a couple of baptisms to complete the service. Afterwards, I went with some friends to have some great Southern cuisine. Always great to have a chance to spend time with friends, especially in a group when it's so hard it seems to get everyone together.

Sunday night, to add to my variety-filled Easter, the Tour Guide had her annual Matzah Lasagna party, complete with some wonderful chocolate-iced vanilla Manischevitz cake. Gotta say, I love that this was my second one of these. It's quickly becoming an Easter tradition for me, even if it's linked to being a Passover tradition for you! This time, we even branched out into the whole wheat matzah. We're just four wild and crazy single gals

Today, to round out my Easter extravaganza, I got an Easter package from my friend Rio (still in Miami) with a hollow chocolate Easter egg, as is the Brazillian tradition. I haven't broken into it yet (I was too consumed with the mix of assorted wrapped chocolates around it in the box today!), but I'm sure my co-workers will appreciate it (or the "fringe benefits" of it) oh so much in the coming days. It was definitely a nice surprise though -- the thoughtfulness was much, much appreciated! :)

So interesting how all of these people who are great friends handle the same small window of time slightly different. I love it. I love being part of it all. Definitely made for a fun weekend for me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, whatever route your celebrations took you.

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