Thursday, August 31, 2006


As I sit here enjoying a couple of Krispy Kremes (a real treat... it's been years...), I'm realizing my Dupont days are dwindling... I'd always thought I would bring in doughnuts to work, and realized today was really the last day I had the option to do so. Now don't get me wrong... I'm really excited about the move. It's just so strange to think of the things that have become such an expected routine that will change... the nice man at my favorite local coffee shop that will no longer be en route to the office... the caretaker at my condo building who I'll no longer encounter vacuuming in the hallway, always with a big smile and "good morning" to greet me... I think it's some of the little things like that which I'll miss.

Of course I'll miss my fellow Dupont Divas... Dupont was definitely my first taste of the city, so it'll always have a fond spot for me. It was in large part the busy nature of Dupont that sold me on DC and brought me here. The Tour Guide would joke it was the two trips we took to Lauriol Plaza that weekend, but I digress...

I'm excited about the next chapter... moving to the Hill feels like such a change and one I'm looking forward to. As Sassy, the DG, and I took care of some last minute things last night at the new place and chatted around our granite tabletop in the kitchen area, we were excited to see ourselves doing this in the days to come. I'm definitely excited to have roommates... I was a bit apprehensive, having been soooooo long since I've had a roommate (Sonja, now that you're on here - and maybe you'll actually see this - you were actually my last roommate!) - but I think Sassy and the DG are definitely going to make the change so seamless for me.

I've been so caught up in the move though that I haven't really paused to be nostalgic about my dear Dupont... but I think it's coming through today. There's so many little things that will bring me back to Dupont, that I know it's not a true goodbye -- just no longer where I'll hang my hat.

I'll be without email access all day tomorrow (gasp ... the horror!), so the next time you hear from me I'll be all set up at our new place. Soooo excited. Pretty much pumped. We can't wait to get all set up and have our official housewarming party ... and host Julia, our first official house guest! Off to wrap up some things here at work since I'll be out all day tomorrow. Hope you're all having a good one ... and safe travels if anyone's headed out of town for the long weekend!

Monday, August 28, 2006

here we are now movin' to the east side

Wow, what a day. It's been a marathon, and I'm granting myself a momentary "breather" to check email, enjoy a fine late quasi-dinner of Nutter Butter Bites and Kool-Aid (the grown up snack of champions), and allow the A/C to kick in before I do a little late night Saturday packing. What else would one do anyhow with a Saturday?

Sassy, the DG, and I got started bright and early this AM at Eastern Market. I learned the hard way that there's all kinds of work being done on the metro this weekend. Totally sucks. I went down to the metro, took one look at the sign announcing "20 minutes" and came right back up and hailed a cab. After getting over to Eastern Market, I was frustrated to learn that being the super alert person I was this morning, I'd managed to leave the keys for all of us at my apartment. Ooops & arghhhh...

Anyhow, we went ahead with a nice breakfast at Bread and Chocolate and then they were nice enough to run me back up to Dupont to get the keys. We did our planned measuring of the place so we could go get a large rug for our living and dining area as well as a runner for our upstairs hallway. Exciting stuff !

Sassy and I then went out to Lowe's in Alexandria, which didn't have the rug we wanted. We then learned all about the faaaaaabulous city of Clinton, Maryland. I mean, who knew? We found all we needed out there, grabbed a bite at Ruby Tuesdays, and then rounded our trip out with a trip to Target (I can't even remember where the Target was... our friendly Lowe's employee referred us).

We went back to our lovely house
and laid down our new rugs and Sarah helped me put up our privacy frosting. It's not perfect, but it looks pretty darn good for us non-professionals. And there'll be no peeping toms in our household! So, now some 12 hours later, I'm finally back home and ready to do a little more packing before absolutely crashing out... of course, I think I'm going to jump into the shower first. I'm feeling a bit dusty and gross... but feeling so accomplished.

Hope you're all out and about having a wonderful Saturday night for me as I'm hanging in here... I'm looking forward to hitting Kramerbooks tomorrow with our Book Club for my last Sunday in Dupont... gosh, I'm feeling all nostalgic ... although, I know I'll be back for sure.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'cause, like, cardboard box purses are SO NOW

I know what you all wanted to be doing on your lunch break just now was dragging 6 large moving boxes 5 blocks in the midst of the lunch-hour masses. My co-workers, because they're such wonderful and kind-hearted people, helped me quadruple tape them together and even made me a little "handle" at the top. It allowed me to carry them like they were just a purse over my shoulder. I almost wish someone had been there to capture the moment with a photo... I caught a glimpse in the door, and I must say I amused myself! I can't believe the big move is so soon -- next Friday is practically here, and about 99.9% my stuff is still in need of being re-examined to see if it's going to stay (AKA visit the dumpster or be donated) or go for the move to the Hill.

And on another note, it's official -- I'm done with my photography program through the
Washington School of Photography. Just like with my MBA, I remember thinking it would be so long before I would reach the end of the program. Now, just a year later, I find myself once again "done" with school. The Writer told me she doesn't think I can sit still and not do some sort of program next. I'm going to try my best to prove her wrong - haha I am going to go take some of their workshops here and there (definitely want to get in on the PhotoShop courses they offer), but am planning at least a couple months of a welcomed break -- and that's (hopefully) written in stone! I plan to work on re-vamping my website now so that I can hopefully really get going on the photography business for me. I'm looking forward to that.

Hopefully I'll have other developments to divulge shortly, but nothing additional at the moment... send me some positive (and patient!) thoughts. Hope you're all having a fabulous "hump" day!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

gin queens & metro driving newbies

Have you ever gotten seasick on a metro ride? I almost did -- that's a first! Very random. Fuuuuuull of people coming back from the game and I think the driver was a newbie. I don't think the ride could be any longer. Each stop was in around 10 mini-jolts. Paaaaainful for sure. I was much pleased to have found a seat, so I could of course hide a smile as I watched people sling from side to side. This paragraph is not making me out to be nice here, is it? Haha ;)

So I just got home from "Queen of Hearts" -- our ladies' cards night up on the Hill. I was the lone rep from Dupont, but will soon be defecting to join the rest of the crew (soooo ready for the big move). I was glad to finally be able to make an appearance. This is only my first "free" Wednesday since my Wednesday photo class wrapped up a couple of weeks back. I always have to miss out on the fun. But not tonight!

Honestly, I'd never played gin before tonight. I'm proud to say I was the winner of the evening (feel free to send over pats on the back at this moment...). I learned to watch the Cajun though. She's a sly one. Cards go missing... creative tallying... glad to see it didn't pay off for her in the end... (are you reading this, Creole Queen?). Maybe next time poker will be on the agenda. I've gotta own up to not being well-versed in the world of cards here.

Anyhow, off to crawl into bed...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

taking the long way

So much is going on at the moment! I love it though. Very energizing. My mom's been in town for about a week and a half. We went up to Boston last weekend, which was a blast. We did the Freedom Trail, walking tour of Harvard and MIT (I have an admitted fascination with college campuses & towns -- must say, Harvard definitely "wins". Not much happening, besides mucho brain activity, around MIT!), and lots of shopping on beautiful Newbury Street. I took tons of pics, which I'll be putting up on Flickr shortly. Stay tuned :)

Sassy, the DG, and I have officially signed on a new place on the Hill. Hasta luego Dupont. We're pretty much pumped! We've got it pretty much all in line -- movers scheduled, etc. It's such a beautiful home that's around 100 years old. We feel really lucky to have found such a great spot and that everything's worked out so well.

I've been frantically working on my photos, since my final portfolio (which is sort of my final final for the entire professional photography program) is due in about two weeks. The pressure's on! I have to turn in 12-20 8x10 images in mats (cut by me). We're learning all about how to put together your portfolio (ordering of photos, types of photos, etc.). Very interesting. My subject is photos that capture culture, with a likely secondary subject of portraiture. I'm excited about the prospect of really starting up the business soon.

Mom & I saw the Dixie Chicks on Friday. Awesome! I loved the song selection and they always have such a great energy about them. I loved their choice of coming in to "Hail to the Chief". They didn't say too too much about Bush, with the exception of a comment about him living in DC around 50f his time. Hah. I haven't had a chance to pull up reviews on the concert, but am curious to see that.

We saw the most horrific thing though coming out of the subway... my mom and I noticed this one girl coming up out of the subway who had on a super-short skirt. We saw her then proceed to the escalator way ahead of us. We were just talking, not thinking much, and then we looked ahead to see her, in all her glory (going commando, perhaps?). Definitely showing all her mama gave her. It was something so obvious you didn't have to be truly looking to see it. Pobrecita! Lesson courtesy of WMATA... exercise extreme caution with skirt lengths when you're a public transit kind of gal!

Mom and I are now off to a sinfully delicious brunch at Georgia Brown's. Can't wait. Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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